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Professionalism and competence which only a trusted optician can set aside for its costumers in order to provide a service full of excellent reliability and kindness. Because eyewear right choice is the essential element of own personality.


Well-advanced technology which allows an unprecedented freedom of view. The optical store’s experience, skilled in selling contact lenses, offers to the Clients the guarantee of high quality and assistance required for optical wellness.


Eternity in a moment: this is the timeless value of picture. A photo-optical store, well-established in years, is the perfect place where being suggested about the best product of a collection of memories in images.



From 1984 Roberto Flisi, professional optician, offers to his Clients the reliability, the competence and the kindness which have been making Il Punto di Vista the well-known place for the high quality of international and national Clients’s optical wellness.

Thanks to the care for each personal need and thanks to the experience gained in the field, Il Punto di Vista has set by time to add a sector that, since its invention, has been going with optical world: the photography.

Success strengthened passing by time has allowed the relocation from Corso Cangrande to the current store in Vittorio Emanuele square, enchanting heart of one of the most well-known place on Garda Lake: Lazise.

Clients’s continuous reward has been decisive to let in 2001 the improvement and the renovation of the optical store in order to provide to the Clients a remarkable exhibition of the national and international most famous brands’s sunglasses and eyeglasses.

The great selection of brands, contact lenses and ophthalmic solutions has been making Il Punto di Vista one of the most well-provided and popular stores in the area.

The strength point, the smart move of Il Punto di Vista, is the care and the responsability, the dedication and the willingness, that the owners, Roberto and Morena, and all the skilled staff set aside to satisfy Clients’s needs, because Client is always the welcome guest.

The Professionals At Your Disposal


Roberto Flisi

Titolare e Ottico professionista


Morena Flisi

Titolare e Assistente alla vendita



Ottico professionista



Ottico professionista



Assistente alla vendita

"We can have all the world's media, but nothing, absolutely nothing, can replace human gaze. "

Paulo Coelho


Eyeglasses and sunglasses are not only tools necessary to optical wellness, but also status symbol of personal identity which communicates a strong message of unique and inimitable style and character.

In order to satisfy the refined comfort’s request of Clients, Il Punto di Vista offers a remarkable exhibition of frames to guarantee the most suitable choice for each personal needs.

Optical store’s several brands reply to the desire increasingly widespread to possess an exclusive item, noticeable for unique style and innovation careful to the details of materials and finishing.

From the top of made in Italy to the international fashion, Il Punto di Vista presents a collection of items capable of winning over the most demanding Client, with a competence and kindness which recognizes Lazise’s optical store in its own essence.


Due to the globalization, different ways of purchase have been arising: it’s possible to turn to optician, pharmacy, supermarket, outlet and even to news-stand or internet. But for optical wellness of “our view over the world” it’s better to trust somebody well-know for his competence and reliability, isn’t it? It’ s good to remember that ophthalmic lenses, contact lenses and ophthalmic solutions are medical devices and also at the time of frame’s choice it is necessary professionalism, because it isn’t simply a matter of beauty, but also function for visual wellness, since several factors attend, such as ergonomics, weight, resistance, flexibility, intolerance, optical standards. It must be considered an important fact: the 80% of data we catch from outside world passes through the right shape of eye, so it’s right and proper taking care professionally of our eyes.

Trust experience, competence and professionalism of Il Punto di Vista means being aware of being suggested by qualified and careful team ready to satisfy every kind of needs in the field of ophthalmic lenses and contact lenses.



In years and always with passion, Il Punto di Vista makes a wide set of services in the field of optics available to its Clients: from the sight's control to the expert advice on the subject of eyeglasses and sunglasses, from selling high quality monofocal, progressive, sight-sun and transitions lenses to the particular attention to children's needs, up to post-sales assistance, to eyeglasses insurance and to purchase's term loan.



The competence and the professionalism which mark Il Punto di Vista spot also and above all in the field of contact lenses. An expert advice and a wide set of items - rigid, semi rigid, gas permeables, soft, daily, weekly, monthly, toric, multifocal, silicone hydrogel contact lenses and ophthalmic solutions - are the services Il Punto di Vista daily dedicates to its Clients.



Photography is the world of emotions, memories and research of images's perfection. Il Punto di Vista knows it well and for this reason offers to its Clients a high-level photographic material linked with the possibility of daily printing from any kind of devices and linked with the possibility of seeing living again the own old pictures by careful and customized retouching.

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  • •  Sight measuring and control. Il Punto di Vista offers to its Clients a professional assistance skilled over the years in order to have a visual screening of eyestrain.
  • •  Assembling eyeglasses by medical ophthalmic prescription. Since its opening, Il Punto di Vista has been working together with the most important ophthalmic companies in order to provide to its Clients a final item of high technological quality up-to-date and in accordance with a more and more advanced costumer’s requests.
  •  Expert advice for any kind of eye/sunglasses. Il Punto di Vista makes the professional experience, gained in 30 working years in the field, available to its Clients in order to guarantee the right purchase against every requests.
  • • Sell of ophthalmic lenses: monofocal, progressive, sight-sun and transitions lenses. Il Punto di Vista has monofocal lenses, so defined because they have only one dioptric power which allows to use them to correct simple forms of ametropia, such as myopia, astigmatism and farsightedness. Progressive lenses instead are ideal for who has forty-years-old and starts to reveal some problems in focusing nearby objects. In order to fix this deficiency, human eye needs of an additional positive dioptric power. Progressive lenses make far-sighted sure of clear and continuous view from afar, closely and halfway, without any division line on lens. Sight-sun lenses fulfill the marriage between the best light-sensitive technology and the corrective lens in order to provide, also in strong lighting conditions, the right optical performance to someone who has a case of ametropia.Transitions lenses are the top of the innovation, they represent the exclusive advantage of the eye to continually adapt itself to every changes of light, ensuring always the best shade for optical wellness. Their must is not only the capability of becoming totally fair in the darkness, but also being totally protective against UVA-UVB rays, being able to be mounted on most eyeglasses and being suggested also to young children.
  • • Sell of sport-glasses and kids-glasses. Il Punto di Vista gives a special attention to its Clients fond of sport, providing them the most suitable item for competitive plays. Embracing glasses with photochromatic lenses, sight-sun lenses and specific soft shaft in order to satisfy sight’s high quality, even in most fearless life’s conditions. The special care which Il Punto di Vista shows towards kids, appears just going into the store, where there is a small area dedicated to them. Il Punto di Vista has all along taking care of childhood optical wellness with professionalism, providing solutions with no-allergy plastic and no-edge frames, with unbreakable lenses and polarized sun lenses, in order to safeguard children’s sight, when they expose to the sun.
  • •  Eyeglasses control
  • •  Eyeglasses fixing up
  • •  Post-sales assistance
  • •  Damage insurance and eyeglasses’s loss insurance
  • •  Purchase’s term loan.

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  •   Application and test of contact lenses. The pass from using eyeglasses to using contact lenses, or the primary choice of using contact lenses, is a decision which has to be followed with competence and availability in order to satisfy all-around Client’s needs. Il Punto di Vista has all along been near Client’s requests in the field of innovation, professionalism and kindness.
  •   Sell of contact lenses: rigid, semi rigid, gas permeables, soft, daily, weekly, monthly, toric, multifocal, silicone hydrogel. Rigid/semi rigid gas permeables contact lenses, produced by resistant and no-flexible material, have their strong point in long duration and corneal metabolism’s respect. Soft contact lenses instead, which can be daily, weekly or monthly, represent the turning point of movement’s freedom and corneal oxygenation. They are the very best for someone who plays sport and wants to live everyday life with freedom of action. Toric contact lenses are the perfect solutions for someone who is affected by astigmatism, since they are able to guarantee a great focusing and an excellent visual brightness, while multifocal contact lenses are the technological revolution of farsightedness’s correction, in particular of bright view both from afar and closely and also halfway. Silicone hydrogel contact lenses are latest innovation in the field of contact lenses. They are able to guarantee a greater eye’s perspiration, a greater oxygen flow to the cornea and the best possible comfort, even for long periods of time, even for a month, without having to be removed.
  •   Sell of ophthalmic solutions. The right cleaning of contact lenses is a necessary element for eye’s optical wellness. Il Punto di Vista offers to its Clients the three best liquids to contact lenses’s upkeep:
  • • The saline o physiological solution, water-solution and 0,9% sodium chloride solution, mainly used to rinse out lenses
  • • The peroxide solution with a strong antimicrobial action capable of disinfecting contact lenses
  • The unique solution, the most widespread system, because it includes a disinfectant, cleaning, moisturizing.
  •   Personalized expert advice.

Read more about Photography

  •   Sell of photographic material
  •   Printing service of digital pictures from all kind of electronic devices
  •   Copy/Reprint of ancient photos, also with retouching
  •   Digital printing (up to 15cmx20cm format) within a day’s time
  •   Passport photos
  •   Self-service digital printing box        

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